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In reaction to the new economic reality Seminars for Health is offering courses with more flexibility like this exciting online course. This program has 2 parts. This practical and a theory segment called Cupping Fundamentals and Safety.

    1. Welcome

    2. What is Cupping?

    3. Prepare Materials

    1. Applying the Cup

    2. Review Cup Application

    3. Warm up of the Back with Cups

    4. Review First Cup Application

    5. Flash Cupping

    6. Review Flash Cupping

    7. How to Move the Cup

    8. Review Moving the Cup

    9. Stationary Layout

    10. Review Pursed Lip Grip

    11. Moving to the Other Side

    12. Guidelines to Cup Application

    13. Check in with Your Cups

    14. First Quiz

    1. Dynamic Cupping STEP 1

    2. Dynamic Cupping STEP 2

    3. Dynamic Cupping STEP 3

    4. Review of the Shoulder

    5. DC of the Scapular Region

    6. Review of the Scapular Region

    7. Final Flush of the Area

    8. Review of Final Flush

    9. Shoulder Quiz

    1. Warm up and QL Release

    2. Review of QL

    3. Upper Gluteal Area

    4. Review of Upper Gluteal Area

    5. Stegosaurus

    6. More Details on Stegosaurus

    7. Lumbar Region Quiz

    1. Safe and Professional Draping

    2. Warm up and Stationary Layout

    3. Review of the Hip and Thigh

    4. Lifting Techniques

    5. Review of Lifting Techniques

    6. Hamstring

    7. Review Hamstring

    8. Legosaurus

    9. Review Legosaurus

    10. Alternate ITB technique

    11. Review ITB

    12. Hip and Thigh Quiz

    1. Warming up

    2. Review the Calf Area

    3. Ankle

    4. Review of Ankle

    5. Foot

    6. More Details on the Foot

    7. Leg and Foot Quiz

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  • 1 hour of video content

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